Privacy Policy

Data protection guidelines:

Respecting your privacy is our most vital directive! To show you which data is collected in the process of using OrderPat, and what information is specifically being recorded, as well as to what purpose, you will be given a detailed account of how we process the data gathered by our system below. In case of additional queries, please contact

We generally do not gather or store any data other than information mandatory for the ordering process itself, and no personal user data in particular. Therefore OrderPat does neither require user accounts, nor does it inquire any log-in data from social networks. Naturally, no personal data is passed on to third parties. User specific data, such as Favourites and order history content, is solely saved on the user´s mobile device. Hence there is absolutely no personalized advertisement presented to users of the OrderPat client app.

This means:

  • We do not gather or store any data concerning the position and movement of our users.
  • We do not gather or store any data in terms of the consuming conduct.
  • We do not gather or store any personal information, such as contact data, mail folders, text messages and other documents, pictures, etc.
  • We do not gather or store any information regarding personalized advertisement or consumer data.

To ensure the functionality and security of the OrderPat ordering environment, the following data is recorded by our system for three days, before being deleted both automatically and irrevocably:

  • the device ID of the user´s mobile phone
  • the specific fees underlying the placed orders

Why is this specific data being stored for three days?

  • The device ID as well as specific order information enables us to identify and block users retrospectively in case of malpractice. This is a crucial element of OrderPat´s system security measures. Given a caterer puts a ban on a customer, the device ID and the fees claimed in the order involved are being stored until the subject is reenabled. Otherwise the data will be automatically deleted after three days. No additional information is recorded during the process displayed above.

The following order-related information is stored permanently for the purpose of internal statistical evaluation and without reference of users or sales. This information consists exclusively of:

  • Item
  • OrderPat-ID (not to be confused with the device ID)
  • Venue
  • Time of order
  • Amount
  • Additional Requests