Do you intend to write a report or review on OrderPat? Please contact us and let us know about your plans ( / Contact us)! We will readily provide you with the desired information and client versions.


Our information kit and additional content can be downloaded here. Amongst other things, it includes: logo and icons, company info, images, screenshots, etc. In case you require additional data, please contact us through / Contact us

Client Versions and Test-Environment

For matters of reporting or reviewing OrderPat, we will provide you with the software and a fully functional OrderPat account for testing. Just get in touch and put us in the picture in terms of your project ( / Contact us).

Further Information

We provide an index of all press releases and the media couverage.








To prevent misunderstanding, the most important terms from the OrderPat world are listed and explained below:

  • OrderPat App / OrderPat Client / OrderPat Client App: the smartphone app used to gather venue info, browse the menu, and place orders. (Link)
  • OrderPat Server / Orderpat Server App: the complementary iPad App recieving orders submitted by the OrderPat Client. (Link)
  • iOS: AppleĀ“s mobile operating system used by iPhones and iPads. (Wikipedia)
  • Android: Google-developed operating system for mobile devices. (Wikipedia)
  • OrderPat ID: six digit identification number entered right before an order is transmitted to reveal the origin of the order (Table, Room, Seat, etc.) (Link)
  • Menu Validity: defines the time range a specific menu is open for orders
  • Lili: the sweet lady representing our company in our logo :-) (Link)


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OrderPat App on iOS (Client)
OrderPat on Android (Client)
OrderPat Server App oniOS

Twitter (@orderpat)
Twitter (@orderpatsupport)

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