OrderPat is ...

international, because...

  • it´s multi-lingual and automatically adapts to the user´s native tounge.
  • it´s not limited by national borders. International outlets and partners benefit from OrderPat, no matter where they are located.


simple, because...

  • it does not require user-registration and in addition is free of charge.
  • it determines the user´s location and navigates them directly towards your venue through the built-in map.
  • it features a predefined product database that makes setting up and modifying menus a walk in the park.


fast, because...

  • individually set favorites bookmark items for quick access.
  • orders can be repeated at the touch of a button. Another round please!


smart, because...

  • it tells the user whether you´re open or closed.
  • it shows all users the relevant information about your business at a glance:
    • opening hours
    • address
    • description
    • logo
    • wallpaper
    • menu


adjustable, because...

  • it manages expiring and seasonal menus like lunch offers, happy-hours, etc.
  • it transmits special requests. Shaken, not stirred!
  • it works independently or incoporated in the register.
  • it can be linked to your reservations homepage.


secure, because...

  • it lets you block users instantly in case of malpractice.
  • it gives customers a feedback on the status of their order.
  • it doesn´t collect any unnecessary data on users and partners (check our privacy policy).