About us

OrderPat Ltd. was founded in 2011 by Markus Mueller and Kai Flogaus. We came up with the idea on a night out with friends. Again and again, our efforts to draw the waitress´s attention were unsuccessful. As a result, the question was brought up, as to whether customers could be given a means to place their order single-handedly. The discusion went on and on, until all of a sudden somebody´s phone rang...

With the empty glass in one hand and a smartphone in the other, it hit us: The world was in desperate need of an Order App!

After a year´s worth of planning, conceptualizing, developement, and testing, the first version of OrderPat was published in December 2011. Having started out as an iOS client exclusively, OrderPat was soon supplemented with a client version for Android phones. The first link to a cash register system was accomplished shortly thereafter.

During developement, ease of use and operability were paramount, as well as protecting the privacy of our users and their data. This will also be the prime precept for any further developement. Having two close eyes on our customers´ ideas and needs is vital to our main ambition: satisfying your visitors all the more.

As a result of the rigorous pursuit of this idea, the system developed is unprecedented and unique. OrderPat is not about the replacement of existing solutions, it´s about providing interfaces and creating synergies in the process.